Introducing new Habits, Journaling & more!

Improvements to the Health Labs



Daily Report

The Daily Report is the core of the Gyroscope experience, where you can see all the data that was logged in one place.


Introducing Habits

The Health Labs solves a few common issues we see in human health.

One is not knowing whether things work. We are constantly exposed to all kinds of ideas and health advice. Some of it may work, some may not. It is hard to know who to trust.

Second, it is almost impossible to change our behavior and make new habits.

Understanding why something actually works is important, at a deeper molecular level rather than just because it is considered ”healthy.” Most of the Labs now have studies & hypotheses for how they work. Quantifying the effect is also important — will it improve your health by 1% or 10% or have no impact? Prior to Gyroscope, this was almost impossible to know. Health itself was not measured, so the effects of any interventions or habits were also very hypothetical and hard to take seriously.

We suspect this made it very hard for things to stick. Yes, perhaps broccoli is “good for you” but is it a 0.01% difference or a 100% improvement in lifespan? Or perhaps it has no actual effect at all? The effort needs to be worth the reward. This is actually quite a rational and logical response, since you have limited time and resources.